Step Up ’19

Step Up ’19 is the Officer Induction and Operational Summit of IEEE Student Branch of University of Moratuwa organized with the aim of inspiring young leaders of the Student Branch to reach greater heights this year. The event was held on 21st September 2019 with an enthusiastic audience comprising more than 40 participants, inclusive of Executive Committee, Chapter Officers, Board of Directors and Design, Editorial and Finance Committees members. 

The event kicked off with a Goal Setting Session conducted by Secretary, Ms. Randima Hasanthi. Afterward, the immediate past Chairman of the IEEE Student Branch University of Moratuwa, Mr. Sapumal Walisundara, delivered an introduction to the IEEE. Next, Mr. Peshan Sampath, Project Coordinator of IEEE Region 10 Student Activities Committee 2019, provided the participants with a comprehensive understanding on what opportunities await at IEEE after the Student Branch. 

A breathtaking highlight of the event was the session on “Travel Grants and VTools” conducted by Mr. Lakshitha Gunasekara, Chairman of IAS Sri Lanka Chapter. Mr. Lakshitha is an outstanding Past Chairman of the IAS Student Branch Chapter of the University of Moratuwa, and he shared his experiences of his journey in IEEE from the very beginning to where he proudly stands now. He went on to describe the invaluable opportunities he obtained through travel grants and once-in-a-lifetime experiences he obtained at IEEE events held abroad. He also didn’t forget to share some of his most cherished memories through video clips, which undoubtedly enticed the audience to follow his footsteps to reach high and step into the international arena of IEEE. This session was of utmost importance and a brilliant source of inspiration for all the IAS Student Branch Chapter members to give themselves confidence and drive to perform their best in the upcoming year.