Semester Long Projects for UG Students

IEEE IAS DAIICT Student Branch Chapter in association with IEEE Special Interest Group – Machine Intelligence(IEEE MI-SIG DAIICT) is conducting Semester Long Project opportunities for the student community this semester, where the students will get the platform to do Machine Learning projects under student mentorship either in a team of maximum 2 or individually. 

The 1st meeting was held on 4th October 2019 at 9.00 PM in CEP 106 with around 35 participants. The session began with the introduction of the team leading IEEE SIG- Machine Intelligence. Each one of them introduced themselves, their area of interest, current projects and also spoke about their published papers, if any. Following the introduction, we got an overview by asking students that how many of them had previously studied or worked in the field of artificial intelligence and how many of them were willing to participate in the semester-long projects.

The students then presented their ideas and a basic introduction to their project idea. The mentors asked them questions regarding their ideas like how they would proceed on the project, was the dataset for the project available, which algorithms and techniques could be used and such questions on similar lines.

 The students came up with brilliant ideas which they had thought of and they wished to work on. These projects would go on this entire semester and at the end of the semester, the students would be presenting the final results and analysis of their projects to the professors and the best projects would be awarded.

A detailed structure of the projects: the topics, periodic presentations, deadlines and so on was given to the students present there. We mentioned how we are willing to select students who assure us commitment and dedication throughout the semester. Following this, we started discussing recent advances in technology which uses machine intelligence. It was a fun discussion where nearly everyone enthusiastically participated. There were many interesting and surprising facts coming up from different people. A google form was shared with the students who wished to join the budding machine learning community.

There would be evaluations throughout the semester. The students would also get an opportunity to write a research paper after the completion of the project. The students were asked to make a more detailed analysis of their project ideas before coming for the 2nd meeting.

The 2nd meeting was conducted on 11th October 2019. Now they all had a deeper understanding of their ideas and also had found resources so as to learn and proceed with the project. The students were allotted mentors according to their project domains. The 3rd meeting is to be conducted on 15th October 2019 where the first evaluation of the project would be done.