At DA-IICT, we have a ritual of introducing all the clubs and committees one at a time to the students who have joined the college recently and aren’t aware about the same. The introductory session for IEEE and IEEE IAS & WIE took place on 29th August, 2019 at LT-3(DA-IICT) and was attended by around 100 students.

First up it was the introduction time for the IEEE. The chairperson of IEEE SB DA-IICT, Mr. Abhi Ratnman took over the stage and introduced the organization to the freshers. He gave a detailed insight about the Student Branch at DA-IICT and shared about each and every event from i.Fest to Summer School in detail. 

Next up was the introduction of the IAS chapter. For this we had Ms. Raksha Rank, Chairperson of IEEE IAS DA-IICT SBC, to share about the same. Firstly she talked about the works and conferences of the IAS branch. Then she described all the events extensively ranging from Tachyon to IAS Day celebration to 3D printing workshops which are conducted by the IEEE IAS DA-IICT branch every year. The glimpses of all these events were shown to the new students so that they know how successful and fruitful they were. The event’s timeline of the current year which included the 3D Printing Workshop, Industrial Visit, Where Engineering Leads You? Session and many others were briefed to the students. The students were quite excited about the 3D Printing Workshop. Some goodies (T-shirts) were also given by the IAS team to the ones who answered a few factual questions correctly in order to make the orientation an interactive one.

This was followed by the introduction of WIE branch by Ms. Purva Mhasakar, who is the current chair of WIE Chapter DA-IICT. She also explained about their various events ranging from Tic-Tech-Toe Hackathon to Poster Presentation and future events.

 After that, a brief explanation of MTT-S, SIG Machine Intelligence, SIG Mobile Applications and SIG Embedded was given where the students were informed about the weekly hands-on sessions conducted by these SIGs throughout the year.

After this the i.Fest Core Committee launched the i.Fest Logo Trailer. The entire LT was enthrilled with excitement and cheering. The entire Core Committee was called upon stage and introduced.

Then the students were inspired and made aware of the various national as well as international achievements of IEEE DAIICT Student Branch.

Then there was a question-answer session wherein all the doubts regarding IEEE were cleared. With that we concluded the introductory session of IEEE and its chapters successfully.