5 days internship on Solar PV Power Plant


The program began auspiciously at 9:30 am with a silent prayer lasting a minute. It was followed by a brief talk on the IEEE Code of Ethics by Ms. Nandini J.Nair, Vice-Chair IEEE IAS SB TKMCE. The welcome speech was given by Dr. Bijuna Kunju K , HOD of EEE department of TKMCE followed by presidential address by  Prof. Imthias Ahmed T.P also of EEE department and Mr. C.M. Varughese, director of IGA Tech Kochi presented the inaugural address.

Prof. Sunita Beevi and Prof. Reshna Ayoob received felicitation for their outstanding performance. Mr. Athul M.V. Chair Industry Institute Interaction of the IEEE IA / IE/ PELS Jt. Chapter Kerala was also felicitated. Mr. Hari Prasad gave a talk on the PELS membership drive and the morning session ended with a vote of thanks by Ms.Laya Raj , the WIE coordinator of Travancore Hub.

Theory session

After a tea break, the program began in full swing starting with theory session on basics of solar system by Mr. C M Varughese.

Practical session

The delegates were sorted into 5 different groups, each group leaded by a captain. After lunch break, a practical session on designing a power plant for your home was conducted in the DC Machines Lab of TKMCE. The delegates were guided by Mr. C M Varughese. After a short break Mr. William Joseph took a theoretical class on the classification of PV power plant and block wise description.


The morning session was on the design of commercial Solar PV power plant by Mr. William Joseph. It was a very interactive session in which the delegates were actively involved in question answer sessions. After a tea break,Mr. Sudev conducted a class on types and selection of PVs and inverter with the aid of powerpoint presentation. Afternoon session was conducted by Mr. C M Varughese on the familiarization and identification of parts of a solar plant and the evening session was on solar battery types and sizing. The last two sessions were held in the Electrical Machines Lab so as to provide practical insight into the workings of Solar PV Power Plant.The delegates were made to understand the parts and working of a solar plant using the experimental setup arranged in the lab.


The morning session on the civil construction, structure and tracking of Solar PV power plant was taken by Mr. William Joseph.A brief introduction to energy auditing was also given to the delegates as it is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense. It was followed by forenoon session on safety at sight and personal protection. Afternoon session was conducted  by Mr.C.M.Varughese on the simulation of Solar PV Software PVSyst which enables quick estimation of production at project planning stage,detailed study,sizing,hourly estimation and report generation.The evening session was on solar inverters – types and selection by Mr. Sudev. The delegates used their laptops for the simulation of Solar PV Software. All the sessions were conducted in the Electrical Seminar Hall.