3D Printing Workshop Report

IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter had organized a workshop on the highly trendy 3D printing technology. The first session of the workshop was held from 7 to 9 PM in CEP Conference Room, DAIICT on 1st October 2019.

We had Mr. Abishek Jani as the speaker to explain each and every detail about 3D printing. He started off with what is it and gave a proper definition. Then after he went on to explain what is the difference between CNC machine and 3D printer. He gave in the limitations of a CNC machine such as one can’t make an ear or a bone with CNC machine. They are generally used for metals and not materials like wood, etc. Some of the questions and points which he addressed included:

Why 3D printer?

Coming to the need for 3D printer, he extensively explained the plus points of this technology. One of the major advantages is that it is an additive technology and so there is no waste produced which is not the case with CNC machines.

How does it work?

Sir then went on to explain the parts of the 3D printing. Some of the major features were print button, USB connection port, extruder, etc. Sir then explained how to convert a file to printable file for the 3D printing.

Live 3D print of a design

We had an attendee who had come up with a brilliant design using AutoCAD which sir went forward and printed using the 3D printer. While the printing was in the process, sir showed the previously made samples and thoroughly explained the file conversion and properties of the object. He also talked a bit about the vast uses of this technology and future scope for the same.

Group Photo after the Workshop

Lastly, there was a brief networking session wherein students majorly got their doubts cleared. The workshop turned out to be a fruitful event with large enthusiastic participation and received wonderful feedback with this we came to the end of the workshop.