The new elements of the future electric system

On October 4, 2018, the IEEE BUTE Jt. IAS/PES SBC organized the third lecture of the 125 year Jubilee Memorial Semester of the Department of Electric Power Engineering of the BUTE. The presenter of the lecture was László Pintér, the head of the Innovation Department of E-ON Hungary.

The E-ON Group is a large company in the EU and has an important role in the distribution of electrical energy. The electrical system which was built about 40 years ago had not been prepared for the effects, that it has to handle nowadays. The major challenges they have to face are the effect of climate change and the green energy generation.

From the various possible solutions for these emerging problems, they have decided to build an energy storage unit (with Li-ion battery technology) in the region of town Levelek. In addition to this, the company designs other smart systems as well. As an example, if construction needs to be done on the streets, a new type of map can be useful including all types of cables and overhead-lines. The major advantage of this is that all of them can be overseen at one platform.