Maintenance of the Power Plants in Hungary

The 2nd lecture of the Ferenc Zipernovszky memorial semester was about the maintenance of the Power Plants in Hungary. The lecturer was Domonkos Medgyesy, the technological and construction director of the GE Hungary.

Unfortunately, in Hungary more and more power stations were necessarily shut down because of economic reasons. In the lecture, we could hear about three maintenance work by GE.
The first part was about the renovation of the Mátra Power Station. The efficiency of the new gas turbines created the opportunity to increase the net power however the cooling system was not prepared for this development.

The second was the DERT owned by MET Group. Here GE renovated and switched several blades of the turbine to have the chance to different and better operation of the power plant.
Last but not least, the lecturer has paid our attention that the GE is going to be the supplier of the new Paks II Nuclear Power Plant’s turbines.