General meeting & Event Plan

IAS SBC UKFCET had done its first general meeting of the year 2019 on 06th February 2019. The main agenda of the meeting was to form new executive committee for the year 2019 and introduction of the new execom to the new members who had recently joined IAS SBC UKFCET after membership drive.

The meeting has voted and decided to go with the below-mentioned execom mostly members of the previous committee as they got the only couple of months to work since the official inauguration on Aug 10th, 2018. The new execom members with position is as follows,

  • Chair Ms. Laya Raj
  • Secretary Mr. Akhil T P
  • Vice Chair Ms. Nowfiya
  • Newsletter Editor Mr.Sreekesh
  • Web Master Mr. Nachikethas

Mr. Athul M V advisor of IAS SBC UKFCET has talked about various competition going to happen at International level which we can apply and had discussed future events which can be conducted.

Upcoming events planned are:

  1. Resume Preparing Workshop on 14/02/2019
    Taken by Athul M V (Assistant Professor EEE DEPT)
    Participants: Fourth year EEE department  Students
  2. Solar PV System Workshop
  3. Workshop on C Programming, Arduino
  4. Idea Corner
  5. Circuit Debugging competition
  6. Women’s Day Celebration & Poster Designing contests
  7. AR/VR workshop during College Technical Fest

The meeting had planned the event for about 2 months.

Executive committee discussing future events