On 22nd February the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Student Branch Chapter organized the first lecture of the Ferenc Zipernovszky memorial semester which was about the new matrix-based evaluation of the Power Plants. The lecturer was Dr. Zoltán Korényi, professor of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Our lecture was started with a question: whether us, technicians, intellectuals can understand the country, the operating system of our economy and the many keywords that we hear today, “CO2”, “renewable energy”?

Both pros and cons are quite simple in public and professional life. While we are browsing the internet, we may face the increasement of renewable energy in the future.

The lecturer, summarizing his own experience, has created a system that is a tool for evaluating renewable energy sources. To do this, first, we need to think of all the points that are important to make use of a complex evaluation system. The system was implemented in a 10 * 5 matrix that evaluates the criteria of 5 interest carriers based on 10 criteria. The coordinate system still has a third axis, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), from raw material mining to breakdown.

As we have heard in the lecture, our lecturer has created a fairly complex system for assessing power plants. The matrix can be further developed, refined and therefore it is recommended for the interested university students to think further and to participate in its expansion. To conclude, our lecturer completed a performance with a quotation “There is no greater peril in the technique than the courage of ignorance, the sobriety of superficiality” (Professor Schimanek Emil).