TALK ON “EV Charging Infrastructure”

Summary: A session elucidating technical information on electric vehicles and their use to modernize the present society.

IEEE-PES & IAS joint student branch chapter [PE31/IA34-SBC63931] of Amrita School of Engineering (ASE), Bengaluru (BLR) hosted a talk on ‘Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure’ on the 08th of March,2019 from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm in Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru. The speaker of the event was Mr. C. K. Sreenath, Deputy General Manager (SG & EV), Corporate Office, BESCOM, K R Circle, Bangalore.

Mr. Sreenath graduated in electrical engineering from Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology affiliated to Bangalore University during 1993. He holds an MBA in Project Management and he started a career in the steel industry after graduation. He worked in the automation manufacturing industry for about five years before joining the Karnataka Electricity Board in 1998. He worked across Karnataka state in Operation and Maintenance of electrical distribution field for 15 years.  He further worked in Bangalore city Distribution Automation System(DAS) project for five years. During the project implementation period, as a part of the project development team, he worked in Atlanta, the USA for about one and a half years. He visited France and the United Kingdom during the project period. Presently he is heading Smart Grid and Electric Vehicles Wing in corporate office BESCOM for 1 year.

He initiated the talk with the introduction of electric vehicles and a real-time scenario of the use of electric vehicles in India. He then elaborated the distinct modules and physical components significant for an electric vehicle. He also explained the various initiatives undertaken by BESCOM and the discrete incentives offered by the government to encourage the use of electric vehicles. He explained the importance of a charging station and the various standards associated with it.

The talk commenced on a high note with the students gaining a brief knowledge of electric vehicles and how they can be used as an intermediate to modernize the society. A total of 80 students participated in the event with 30 of them being IEEE members and 50 of them being Non-IEEE members.