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Summary: A two days’ fest and conducted from grades VII to XI to foster bonding between the institution of higher education and schools.

IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) & IAS Jt. Student Branch chapter [PE31/IA34-SBC63931] of Amrita School of Engineering conducted a technical FINAL DESTINATION for AAROHAN 2018, annual AMRITA science fest. AAROHAN is a two-day science fest organized for students from grades VII to XI to foster a bond between an institution of higher education and schools. It was conducted on the 29th and 30th of October, 2018.

FINAL DESTINATION was a one-day event that happened in Yoga Psychology Hall on the 29th of October in Amrita School of Engineering Bangalore. It had a total of two rounds.  

Round 1 was ‘Error 404… Not Found!’ and it took place from 10:00 am to 12:00 am. Students of various schools were supposed to participate in teams of 3 participants each. 17 teams from various schools of Bangalore participated in the event. Sanju, Vice-Chair elucidated the procedure to rig up a circuit on the breadboard to the respective teams. Each team was given a question and a breadboard to rig up the circuit corresponding to the particular question. Basically, the team had to recognize the error and rig up the correct circuit to glow the LED on the breadboard. Each team was given a maximum of 10 minutes. The teams with the least time to solve advanced to the successive round

Round 2 was ‘Pick It and Place It’ and it took place from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, 6 teams were selected from round 1 to the next round. This particular round consisted of a Bluetooth-Controlled Robot with an electromagnet fixed to it. Vinayak, Vice-Secretary described the instructions to the respective teams. The participants were supposed to control the robot along the particular track designed for the robot to move. However, they had to pick and place iron objects with the help of the electromagnet along the duration of their course throughout the track. An important note of caution was that the score would be deducted if the robot crosses the track. The teams which were able to pick and place all the iron objects successfully in the least time possible with the least crossings from the track were awarded cash prizes accordingly.

The event ended on a high note with the participants having gained knowledge on the rigging up of the circuit on the breadboard and on the Bluetooth control of a robot.