The IEEE Student Branch of NSS College of Engineering is getting more active in the progression of time. More members are showing interest in participating, volunteering and organizing various events in IEEE. As most of the members were not aware of the theory of Quantum Computing, Solomon Staby, Vice Chair, IAS SBC NSSCE showed up to conduct a spectrum talk on the subject. The primary aim of the talk was to provide basic knowledge about what is a quantum computer and how it works.


The session was scheduled for one hour at 4 o’clock in the evening. All the IEEE members were informed about the event prior through eNotice. About 53 members, including IEEE members and non- IEEE members were present. There are still limitations for problem-solving with a normal computer. At first, Solomon presented two relevant problems that cannot be solved by a normal computer. This is where a Quantum computer can play its role. The main advantage of this technology is speed. Quantum computer can solve problems which a normal computer cannot even think about. He explained what a ‘Qbit’ is and how it works with plenty of examples. There are still a lot of limitations for this technology to come into existence as its size is very large and it must be kept under a temperature of 15 milliKelvins. The future scope of this technology was also discussed. Some students were having doubts about the topic and were cleared at once. 3 students from the audience showed up to express their reviews on the talk. The session ended at 5:15.

Spectrum Talk by Solomon


The event was a success as all the arrangements were done perfectly by the Executive Members. The students were able to get an idea about technology. Some of them became very eager to learn more.