The IEEE student branch of NSS College of Engineering has become more vibrant in conducting activities. This year will witness much more enthusiastic and entertaining programmes under the banner of IEEE SB NSSCE. The first initiative in the year 2019 after the Execom Handing-over Ceremony was the Spectrum talk on Future promising noise canceling technology. The session was conducted with the aim that students come across the possibilities of the IEEE Spectrum magazine and they get acquainted with the upcoming technologies around them.


The Spectrum Talk was scheduled for one hour at 4 pm. All the students were informed about the event beforehand using e-Notice. The session was conducted by Nayana CT, Secretary, IAS SBC NSSCE.

In this modern world, Noise cancellation is an indispensable technology for mankind. Scientists have been working tirelessly to bring about innovations to this technology. One of those works was presented called the MUTE. This lightweight earpiece technology promises to beat or meet the performance of the best premium noise cancelling headphones. MUTE leverages the not-so-secret fact that the wireless network signals can travel one million times faster than the speed of sound. This amazing technology was innovated by Sheng Shen, a PhD Student of Electrical and computer engineering University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. He published his findings in the Spectrum of September 2018. Shen and his colleagues plucked the usually embedded microphones out of the earpiece to make MUTE with physically separated components connected through a wireless network. External microphones are placed closer to noise sources. Now anti-noise signals of the early reached noise signals are computed and hence the noise gets canceled. The talk was concluded by an interactive session followed by the feedbacks of the listeners.


The program was successful and all the executive committee members made the best arrangements. The students could know a new technology that has not yet reached the markets. The session made the students think more about such ideas. Many more such sessions are there to be conducted in our student branch chapter.