Academic exchange meeting – Dr. Yuan Zhikang shared his research experience

On November 20th, 2018, we held an academic salon event and invited Dr. Yuan Zhikang to share the academic experience. Dr. Yuan Zhikang won the IEEE DEIS Graduate Student Fellowship in 2018 and was awarded the National Scholarship and Outstanding Doctoral Scholarship. 

In the lecture, Dr. Yuan Zhikang shared his own experience in the research work, the writing methods of high-level papers, and how to adjust the psychological state when the scientific research work encountered bottlenecks. In addition, Dr. Yuan also loved sports and told us to pay attention to physical health as well. In the interactive communication session, Dr. Yuan answered questions about the problems encountered by participants in study and research. After the meeting, the participants said they learned new research methods and idea from the lecture. This lecture was of great significance to their future academic life.