Disaster Relief Activities  

Our state Kerala has gone through the most disastrous days in history because of the heavy rain and flood which affect nearly 8 of 14 districts in Kerala during the month August 2018. At Relief camps, the selfless service offered by our students includes assembling and supply of LED bulbs and Power banks; clothes, food, medicine and napkins; leaflets on precaution to be taken while returning home from camp; and salvation activities at most flood-affected areas at Alleppey, Kollam & Trivandrum Districts in Kerala.

A count of 30 students from UKFCET acted voluntarily with 10 teaching and non-teaching faculties in the midst of a challenging situation due to calamity. IEEE IAS SB members made the move in assembling and guiding other students for successful completion of nearly 100 LED bulbs and Power Banks and supplied it to various relief camps through IEEE members, charitable trusts and NGOs. The initial work also extended to print guidance leaflets, nearly 2500 count, on precaution and active emergency contacts district wise which was very much helpful for those returned home from camp after the red alert time.

Leaflet distributed to the public at relief camps

A snapshot from a relief camp in Alleppey district

Packing medicines to a relief camp

Students busy with LED bulb assembling and testing

Power Banks ready to charge