Design and 3D Printing Workshop

IEEE IAS DA-IICT Student Branch Chapter organized a one day workshop on Design and 3D printing on three days, 14th,16th, and 17th August 2018.

The workshop received such wide-scale participation that it had to be conducted in 3 different slots each having 50-55 students from different colleges all around Gujarat. The workshop was conducted by knowledgeable Abhishek Jani Sir on all three days. The session conducted in the conference room was interactive and highly interesting.

Abhishek Jani Sir shared his immense knowledge on the topic using various techniques like showing videos, giving engaging theory talks with relatable examples, using practical demonstrations, asking questions and much more. The students who attended were really enthusiastic and attentive, asking various questions and showcasing their curiosity.

[Fig: 3D Printer]

The session started with a brief description of what 3D printing is and its need in today’s fast-paced world. Abhishek Jani Sir explained the methods and designing aspects of 3D

printing. He defined the term prototype and how it is related to this technology. Advancing

further, the students learned about the difference between a CNC (Computer Numerical

Control) machine and 3D printers. He explained in detail each of the configurations and ensured that each attendee understood. The students on all the three days were very eager to learn and understand and asked various questions. There was also a fascinating discussion between a few students on edible printers that could be used to print delicious food like pizza!

The discussion of the technology and its working was followed by a live printing of a pair of nut and bolt, designed by Abhishek Jani Sir himself. Abhishek Jani Sir took the students through a step by step process of printing, starting right from the settings and configurations in the software to explaining the designing process and the whole theoretical process of the printer. He explained the importance of precision in designing and modeling a prototype and explained the parameters of the printer. This was then followed by the most exciting part of the workshop, the printing.

The students gathered around the printer in groups of 5-10, thoroughly enjoying watching the printer in action. They took a lot many pictures, excitedly watching every motion of the printer, asking questions about each tiny process. Sir had also brought along some previously printed objects like a shark-shaped paper clip and a ball trapped in a cube that was passed around and discussed in detail by the students. He asked the students about the designing aspects and explained every point in detail.

[Fig: Students exploring the process of printing]

The attendees had been asked in prior to try their hand at designing and submit some designs which if feasible could be printed live. We received entries a few days before and some after the workshop showing their enthusiasm to apply things they learned in the workshop. It was a wonderful learning experience for the attendees.

On the last day of the workshop, Abhishek Jani Sir was given a token of felicitation by Chairperson Neelanshi Varia, as an expression of our gratitude for giving us his invaluable time and readily sharing all his learnings.

The workshop turned out to be a fruitful event with large enthusiastic participation and received wonderful feedback.  

[Fig: Group photo on one of the 3 days]