DIPLOMA: Vol.4, Issue 1

On May 2016, the seventh issue of DIPLOMA, the all-students’ magazine, was published by Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh) IAS SB Chapter. The reader is informed of the Chapter’s and Society’s latest news. We have come a long way and that progress and activities are always shared, along with engineering interests, member’s vision, and conference attendance. On the first pages, you can find our Chapter’s latest activities and our plans for the future of the society. Moreover, there is a section about our members’ engineering interests which includes student-approached articles around the topic of bio-engineering such as “Artificial Skin”, “The Engineer’s Language”, “Renewable Wave-Energy” etc. Turning the pages you can find information about a graduate from our university, Dimosthenis Peftitsis who gave us an interview about his current state of career and his plans for the future. Of course, the information included are not limited to that, since one may find articles regarding awards, conferences reports and entries from IAS chapters all around the world.

What are we waiting for you? Take a look at our work and feel free to “get connected” with us through the Get Connected column and share what is happening in your SB Chapter. Can’t wait for your feedback!

Here you can find the link to the digital version: http://iasxanthi.eng.duth.gr/gallery.html#diploma

by Viktoria Meskova, DUTh SBC Chair