As every year, after the exam period and at beginning of the new semester 12-15th of March, our Student Branch Chapter organized a recruitment week in order to inform the students of Democritus University of Thrace about the existence of our society and give them the opportunity to participate in future actions. It is clear that our members are pure volunteers, so we tried to emphasize at the importance of being part of a team, train your soft skills and make new friends and future collaborates, not only at the local level but at the international, as well.

Recruitment days are extremely important events as without new members we cannot exist. They help us widen our society, organize more lectures, workshops, and academic visits and make our team stronger. If we have a new member, we try to make him feel comfortable, avoid to assign him a lot of work and not make him feel under pressure. It is important that he understands himself that he wants to contribute to our actions and become a part of our team and family. After the recruitment week a number of renewal, as well as a lot of new applications to join IAS were filled, refreshing the active face of our chapter. We hope they continue as active members and loyal friends to our chapter!

by Viktoria Meskova, DUTh SBC Chair