On 26th of January 2018, we organized our traditional social event, Kopi ti Pita. During this event, we invited all our members to a friendly place and cut the traditional New Year’s pie in order to celebrate the beginning of the new year altogether. Inside the pie, there was a gold coin and just one of the members could be the lucky one to win it. The winner of the coin received a gift from our Student Branch Chapter and this year the lucky person was Aristotelis, our past webmaster, and advisor. The pie had a special decoration with the name of our Chapter on it and all the members were willing to join this social event.

Moreover, during that evening we had the chance to socialize with each other, talk about future plans in the scope of IAS and refresh the relations inside our team. In our opinion, such events are very important because they help us to get closer and make better activities in the future!

by Viktoria Meskova, DUTh IAS SBC Chair