The Humanitarian Project Contest was initiated in 2016 with the slogan of empowering communities for a better future.  Communities are facing problems related to Energy, Water, Health, Sanitation, Transport, and Agriculture etc. throughout the world. The community of Xanthi, like all the others, is facing similar problems, so the members of our Chapter, as conscious citizens, decided to participate in the Project and provide some solutions. Our Chapter composed two teams and provided guidance to their members to accomplish the projects successfully.

The first team decided to deal with the Health problem. The main purpose of the project was to help people who suffer from Alzheimer, by making a device which finds someone’s location once he gets lost. So, if a person who suffers from Alzheimer wears this device and lose his memory, his relatives can find him easily by receiving an SMS from the device with the link of his location in the map.  Also, the device measures the patient’s movements with a gyroscope and an accelerometer, so if the patient falls down their relatives can find it out and send him emergency help. Finally, it reminds to the one who is wearing it, to take his pills in time with a led which starts to blink.

The second team designed a device which detects gas concentration inside a room. The idea was born because of an incident that happened in a district of Greece called Sparti, where some officers died because of the leakage of dangerous gasses in the sewer of the city. In order to avoid such incidents, our team made a device that can detect if the concentration of dangerous gasses is high inside a room and warn people about it.

We hope these teams to accomplish their projects in time as these devices could help people to avoid serious accidents and even save lives. We all hope for the best result!

By Viktoria Meskova, DUTh IAS SBC Chair