Electronix Workshop

The event was aimed at teaching students identification of basic electronic components and their working, teaching them soldering techniques, basics of 555 Timer IC and its types and the applications of 555 Timer IC.

The event started at 10 in the morning, with all the participating 22 students in attendance, and was fundamentally divided into 2 sections-

Theoretical Section: Students were given a basic idea of all the electronic components such as resistances, capacitors etc and they were taught how to identify the different types of the components. The working of the electrical components was then discussed and different soldering techniques were also demonstrated on the GP Board. Then the introduction to 555 Timer IC was given and the different modes of operation of the 555 Timer IC were explained.

Practical Section: Students were provided with requisite material from the Cretus inventory to design and make the 555 Timer IC work in all its three modes of operation, which is astable, monostable and bistable multivibrator. A clap switch was made by the students as an application to understand the working of 555 Timer IC. If a student faced any problem any, CRETUS team was always available for help and in fact, the members assisted all the students who were facing some of the other problems with their clap switch. The students were designated to complete their respective clap switches in allotted time-frame.