Dark Matter and Dark Energy


  • IEEE IAS organized this session to discuss the mystery, what contributes to the majority proportion of mass in the Universe, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy. The discussion focused on the evidence of Dark Matter and Energy, its inactive nature; which makes it impossible to detect, several theories revolving around what could possibly be this mysterious Dark Matter. Moreover, the discussion revolved around various topics like The Big Crunch, The Big Dip, future of this Universe, etc.


  • This mysterious matter which contributes to the majority of the mass of this Universe, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy is one of the biggest mystery prevailing out there. There are no discoveries regarding this topic, just theories and more theories. So, it is obvious that there is a lot of curiosity among our students and many more queries regarding it. So, to quench their curiosity, the technical team sat down to compile researchers of different institutes, hunt for answers and came up with an interactive discussion to answer all the queries.


Riddhi Ladani and Prayushi Faldu

DATE: 26th February 2018
TIMING: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm


  • Excluding the core-committee members, a total of 30+ students came up for the session.
  • A lot of inquisitive questions were asked and were debated upon by the entire audience.
  • A lot of enthusiasm was found among the students and a little light was shed upon this vast topic, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy.


  • To make this event a good success there was a constant support from team members of IEEE IAS PDPU. We acknowledge the efforts put in by all the members and students who attended the event, for bringing in their curiosity and to participate in the event, making it a success.