Webinar on “From University to the Automotive Industry- Motor Modelling and Design”

On July 27th, 2017, Democritus University of Thrace SB IAS Chapter organized a Webinar through WebEx about modeling and design of electric motors, which was conducted by Konstantinos Bourchas. Konstantinos was born in Athens in 1989, get his degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from National Technical University of Athens and continued with MSc studies on electrical power systems at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. From September 2015 his is working as engine design engineer at Tesla Motors in California. His research interests include losses on electric motors and modeling and design of electrical motors. Tesla Motors is an American automotive industry, which designs, produces and sells electric cars and is located in California, USA.

At the beginning of the lecture, the specialist on electric motors presented a short bio, spoke about his interest in electrical motors and automotive applications during university and how he started to work on the field of electric motor design. Later, during the lecture he spoke about the motors in general, the process Tesla follows to complete its products production and his contribution to this process. Moreover, Konstantinos mentioned the perspectives that someone has after getting the degree in Electrical Engineering and what kind of qualifications someone needs to claim a job at a multinational and recognized company like Tesla. Some of that demands are hard work, perseverance, and passion for your object of interest. In the end, he answered our questions about his career and anything was incomprehensible.

The report was written by Meskova Victoria, DUTh SB IAS Chapter Chair.