Lecture on “Condition Monitoring, Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Remaining Life Time of Electrical Machines”

On September 4th, 2017, Democritus University of Thrace SB IAS Chapter organized a presentation, in which several definitions were given in term of condition monitoring, fault detection, diagnosis and prognosis related to electrical machines operating in industrial environments. The lecturer was Dr.Gérard-André Capolino who is specialized in Control systems and Electrical Machines.

First of all, Dr.Gérard-André Capolino mentioned that electrical machines are key components in electromechanical energy conversion while in industry, three-phase AC electrical machines are supposed to be symmetrical in term of design and manufacturing when they are connected to the grid via a power converter or directly to it. Moreover, he referred not only to the differences among condition monitoring, fault detection, diagnosis, and prognosis but also to the relationships among them. In addition, he explained each one of them separately in order to clarify the reasons that their knowledge is really important.

Finally, one of the most significant parts of this presentation was the examples that were selected from different applications such as high-speed electrical traction, cranes and decentralized power generation, as they help the audience understand the significance of this presentation in practice.

The report was written by Maria Vasileiou, DUTh SBC Secretary