DUTh SBC: 2017 Annual Presentation

On Thursday 12th of October, our team organized a presentation of our IAS Student Branch Chapter as we are used to doing every year at the beginning of the new semester. The main purpose of this presentation is to inform the freshmen of Democritus University of Thrace about our society and give them the opportunity to participate in our actions. In the beginning, our Chapter’s advisor Prof Athanasios Karlis spoke about IAS and the opportunities it offers to its active members and the contests and conferences someone can attend.

After that, our Chapter’s Chair highlighted our SBC’s accomplishments through the past year, including academic visits to local industries, lectures by distinguished speakers, workshops, magazine DIPLOMA, website and social events. Of course, she did not forget to mention the future actions we are planning to pull off. During the presentation, IEEE Student Branch of Thrace presented its actions, as well as. The representative introduced their activities, in order to attract new members to volunteer.

The guest speaker was Mr. Therapon Fakas, life and business coach and graduate of our University who take action on construction of public projects and is a passionate supporter of the perception that every challenge is a chance. The purpose of the speech was to put his ideas across self-improvement and evolution to the audience, through examples from everyday life. The presentation was ended with the motto “Non-obstacle is larger than your own faith”.

The report was written by Viktoria Meskova, DUTh SBC Chair