Academic Visit to Steam Power Station of Komotini

On Thursday 2nd of November, IAS Democritus University of Thrace SBC conducted an educational trip to the Steam Power Station of Komotini. The factory is under maintenance from May of the same year, which is scheduled to be completed in December.

The combined cycle power plant, with total power rising up to 476MW, consists of three synchronous three-phase generators [15.6kV], which are powered by two gas turbines and a steam turbine, respectively. The station uses oil as a backup fuel for emergency purposes.

The main function of the unit is done in a closed circle, while there is a possibility to operate in an open circle.

This station operates as a regulator of the grid and supports its stability, because of the system’s speed integration to the high-voltage grid, which is an advantage. The decision of the load, which will be assumed from the station, is taken from the Load Distribution Center in Athens.

During our guided tour in the factory, the function of such a unit was explained to us.

At first, we visited the control room, where there is a total supervision of the whole station. Then, we went to the cooling tower, which converts the steam entering into the water, because of its opposite movement in relation to the atmospheric air.

Also, we saw the place where the gas turbine is located and the responsible engineer explain to us in detail, the parts of the turbine and how it works.

In the end, we visited the generator, where the main part of the maintenance takes place. More specifically, a team of engineers replaces the windings of the generator’s stator, while at the same time they check the rotor too.

It is worth mentioning, that as the natural gas is a noble gas, no sulfur is emitted into the atmosphere and it does not burden the environment a lot.

Report was written by,
Bouloukosta Eleni