Web and Industrial Design Workshop

Web & Industrial Design Workshop by Ghazi Ben Abderrazak

  • The creation of websites, logo, design in general, were considered as its so important technology to promote and value your work in different companies, meaning that they are becoming more competitive in a different way of publication or digital marketing in industrial application that lead to providing customers from all over the world (we find this in a well-brained way in some of the well known sites such as Amazon.com etc.. ) 
  • I did also a training on how to use Photoshop and Illustrator to create logos and modify some picture in order to realize posters
  • This workshop was in 2 parts (Day 1  and Day 2 ) 
  • After this workshop I participate in a SOPAL design contest to design logo and promote their company, and I was invited to assist in SOPAL ceremony



SOPAL Company’s Ceremony