Problem solving workshop

Details of the workshop:

Date: November 29th
Place: INSAT
Number of participants: 40 Students

This year IAS INSAT chapter is organizing for the first time an industrial forum under the theme of renewable energy that is going to take place on April the 7th.

This forum’s main purpose is to enlighten students on the theme of renewable energy and give them the chance to work with industry professionals.

The concept of the forum is as follows:

– Many teams will be formed.
– Every team will choose a project in the renewable energy field.
The teams will be matched to the appropriate industry that offers to coach the project.
– Every team will have a mentor and will be in connection with the industry through a member from the organization committee.
– A jury formed from industrials and professionals will choose the best projects on the day of the event

Therefore, IAS INSAT chapter organized the forum’s first workshop, (A problem-solving workshop) in order to help the teams choose their project and their teammates.

The workshop consists of:

An overview presentation treating the following subjects :

– Renewable Energy
– Potential themes
– Partnership with companies

  • First Step :

– Brainstorming on Energy problems existing in Tunisia
– Each participant filed in an individual survey in order to share his thoughts


  • Second Step :

The problem-solving technique consists of matching the potential problems, the passions, the stack holders and the solutions with each other.

  • Third step :

Each team will gather to discuss their potential projects
Each team will be handed a worksheet to give an overview about their project and the theme they will be focusing on.

  • Fourth step: Pitching 1.0

Each team had 5 minutes to present their idea and get feedback from all the other participants.

The workshop was concluded by a Business Model Canvas presentation given by the talented Mr. Aziz Ben Frija