IoT Workshop @ National Institute of Applied Science and Technology, INSAT


Details of the workshop

Date: 1st March 2017

Place: National Institute of Applied Science and Technology, INSAT

Number of participants: 15 students

Topic: Internet of Things

You’ve likely heard the phrase “Internet of Things” -or IoT- at some point, but you might also be scratching your head figuring out what it is or what it means.

Aware of the importance of this promising paradigm, IEEE IAS-INSAT Student Branch provides its members and all INSAT students with the opportunity to have a closer look on this topic by offering them a workshop on IoT conducted by Pr. Farouk Kamounk and Dr. Naceur Chafroud.

The objective of the workshop is to give the opportunity to students to learn about the new challenges in IoT and to exchange ideas on the recent and future advances of IoT.

During the workshop, Pr. Farouk Kamounk, who is co-founder of IoT Tunisia, the chair of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Tunisia Chapter and the president of SESAME University, presented an explanation of Internet of Things and its applications in the field of health sector and intelligent cities. He gave us an insight into new concepts related to the Internet of NanoThings (IoNT) and the Internet of Bio-NanoThings (IoBNT). Pr. Farouk concluded his presentation with inviting us to participate in IoT Tunisia Forum which is an event and an opportunity to bring industry leaders together with national and international experts to work together and build networks and partnerships.

Then, Dr. Naceur Chafroud, who is working at Cynapsys- a Software engineering company, – presented an application in IoT Transportation “SMART Parking”.

It is an intelligent Parking Management system. Thanks to a mobile application or a web interface, drivers can, via their telephone or via the Web, find the best parking position of their vehicle (Floor, the nearest place, handicapped place), whatever the shape of the car park.

The workshop was both enjoyable and informative.