PDPU SBC: SQL Workshop


EVENT DATE: 1st October, 2016, Sunday

• The event was a six hour workshop encompassing various aspects of SQL organised on Sunday by IEEE IAS SB,PDPU.
• To give insights of SQL so students can perform various task efficiently.,i.e handling of data, various statistical methods and analysis of problem.

Time – 9:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Venue – CP lab 2.
• The event was a six hour workshop sectioned into two sessions on Saturday which was fully conducted by the technical team of IEEE IAS.
• The workshop was being conducted in which practical as well as theory very taken simultaneously.
• In first session, basic structure of SQL with the terminologies and formulas were taught to feed into to the software along with their basic operation.
• In second session, sorting queries by various parameters, merging databases and conditional search were covered.
• There were 45 students who attended the workshop and got acquainted to MySQL.