PDPU SBC: C++ Workshop

C++ Workshop

EVENT DATE: 10th and 11th Sept. 2016

This workshop was held with aim to teach the students the basics of the most basic computer language and introduce many of them to the world of C++.

Time – 9 am to 4 pm
Venue – B-LTC-1
• The workshop was hosted by 2 students Kishan Srinivasan, student of Electrical 15, and Nitik Gupta, student of Electrical 15.
• The workshop commenced by giving an overview of the language by why they should learn the language and what is the importance of learning a new language. The students were taught about the basics, about the header files and why they should be included, the main function, where the execution starts, the basic data type and concepts of functions. Before the break, they were introduced with the concepts of control statements and iterative statements.
• Concepts of Arrays and strings was also teached. With Each topic, the students were asked to solve some examples to get a complete knowledge and grip over the topic. As the day 1 ended, the students were given an assignment to solve at their respective homes.
• Day2 included concept of structure, concept of classes. Then the concepts of Object oriented programming, which included the topics like OOP is important and how C++ is used for the same. OOP include data abstraction, data encapsulation, data inheritance etc. the above topics were covered before the break.
• After the break, the students were taught about the concepts of function overloading and inheritance. The workshop was concluded after teaching the topic of inheritance and as mentioned earlier, after each topic, students were asked to solve some examples.