DUTh SBC: Lecture on “Measurement & Control Systems using LabVIEW”

DUTh SBC: 2016 Lecture on “Measurement & Control Systems using LabVIEW”

On May 23rd 2016, Democritus University of Thrace SB IAS Chapter organized a lecture along with a hands on workshop on Data Acquisition (DAQ) and LabView, a signal processing software that provides high accuracy measurements and control of information on laboratory and industrial applications. The lecturer, Dr.Konstantinos Kalovrektis is a LabView Developer and application development and LabView education consultant and after explaining us all about LabView and its endless applications he provided guidance to one of our students in order to create a simple application.

Dr. Kalovrektis explained us that LabView (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) is a powerful programming language that provides to the user the ability to measure, control and analyze DAQ systems. It is a graphic programming language and block diagrams are used in order to achieve the desired result. He also informed us that LabView combines the software with the hardware and that allows the engineers to develop their very own system covering each unique requirement.

He also emphasized on the stages in order to develop an application. No matter how unique or different a system might be, the process remains the same for all applications:

Stage 1: Study of the physical size being measured

Stage 2: Selection of the appropriate sensors

Stage 3: Selection of the activators

Stage 4: Selection of the signal conditioning method

Stage 5: Selection of the DAQ units

Stage 6: Code developing

Stage 7: Code debugging

Stage 8: Test and verification

Dr. Kalovrektis also explained us some of the most useful applications of LabView such as the Particle Image Velocimetry and he informed us about the necessary equipment that we will need in order to use LabView.

In addition to this, he explained us how to use LabView along with Matlab/Simulink or even Multisim in order to achieve the best result. He also suggested some of the references that we could use to get started with LabView.

Before the end of this workshop, one of our students had the chance to develop his own simple application.

Report written by
Christina Panagiota Malliou