ENIS SBC: IAS Annual Meeting 2015

IAS Annual Meeting 2015, Dallas-Texas

ENIS Student Branch IAS Chapter

Since 2011, the National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS) Student Branch IAS Chapter is being represented every year by student members in the IAS Annual Meetings. This year, the IAS Annual Meeting was held on October 17-22 in Dallas-Texas, and our chapter had 4 representatives: The chair and vice chair of our chapter (Ayman Tmar and Nouha Dziri), our chapter’s advisor (Hela Lajmi) and our Tunisia section chapter’s advisor (Habib M.Kammoun).


IAS Annual meeting has a long tradition of providing an international forum for experts to present and discuss the latest developments in the application of electrical technology to industry. It’s also a great opportunity to meet with industrial, professionals and researchers, to discuss with them topics that are related to our field of study.

The IAS Annual meeting 2015 was an opportunity to celebrate the IAS 50th Anniversary. A special publication has been released showcasing the past 50 years!

The trip to United States of America was long but the Annual Meeting experience was totally worth it.

On the first day, we attended the CMD Chapter’s Workshop, where many CMD Officers gave us an idea about their mission in IAS Executive Office and informed us about Chapter Promotion, Membership Development. During the opening ceremony, Dr Peter Magyar welcomed all the attendees and encouraged them to enhance their insight into technology, develop their soft skills and share their experiences.


Our advisor Mr Habib M.Kammoun who is the IAS SB Chapters Area Chair, R8 Middle East gave an oral presentation during the Chapter Development session to inform us about his mission and explain the goal that he is willing to achieve. After that Mr Habib M.Kammoun received an award for being selected as an Outstanding Chapter Chair. We were truly proud of him!


After the presentations, all the participants took a group picture! In the afternoon there was the Welcome Reception along with the Student Poster Session. This session was a great opportunity to provide us with a learning experience and it was a way to communicate research to enhance practice and professionals’ knowledge.

During the second day, the student members participated in the Student Technical Session, where they made oral presentations about their technical papers and answered questions about their projects. We also attended the Myron Zucker Student Luncheon.

On the third day, we attended the CMD dinner where we celebrated the Annual Multicultural Contest. In fact, every IAS SB presented a video about its country showing its culture, food, dance, natural beauty, cities. There was a lot of fun, we enjoyed it very much.


In the evening of the fourth day, we attended the President’s Banquet where some more awards were presented and they informed us about the next Annual Meeting, in 2016 in Portland, USA. We all hope to get the chance to attend the next Annual Meeting since it was an unforgettable experience!

Report written by
Nouha Dziri, IEEE IAS Student Branch Chapter Vice Chair
ENIS, University of Sfax, Tunisia