DUTh SBC: IAS Student Annual Presentation

On November 12th, 2015, IEEE IAS Student Annual Presentation was given, as promised each year.

The concept, once again, an informing and welcoming presentation for all ages, undergraduate, graduate, master and doctoral students or generally anyone interested in supporting the work we do. A presentation of what DUTh SB IAS Chapter’ vision is and the chapter’s presence in the DUTh Community and campus. A great opportunity for freshmen and students not yet involved in our “extra-curricular” activities to listen to our ideas and realize our passion, embodied in our Student Branch.


This year’s annual introductory presentation was organized by two established active student organizations: the IEEE DUTh SB of Thrace and the truly ours, DUTh SB IAS Chapter. Aristotelis Farmakis was the presenter of our Chapter’s place in the academic –but not just that- community of DUTh and IEEE IAS and the past and future planned activities, vision, awards and contests. At the same time, a big part of our active members’ list was also present, helping with the info-desk and spreading the word of what our Chapter is all about.

The event took place in one of our Department’s prominent Amphitheaters, allowing the students to realize IAS’s presence in our University and the opportunities connected to our Chapter’s local and global active participation. This gathering was also a great opportunity for real-time networking throughout the University’s multiple Engineering Departments as the participation was not strictly limited to Electrical and Computer Engineers. The future of DUTh SB IAS Chapter, will again embrace activities covering a broader engineering interest than that of EE, as students in various engineering faculties (e.g. Environmental Engineers, Production and Management, Civil etc.) seem decided to join our active efforts.


We are glad to report that once again, this annual event had a real impact, as participants varied from freshmen to seniors, and pretty much everyone involved was later on interested in our Chapter’s work and future opportunities causing the event to last longer than expected because of the after-presentation chit-chat. Many students were finally compelled to fill an application and join or renew their membership.

The following year shows once again promising as students in Democritus University of Thrace tend to support active participation in organizations and societies, much more than they did in the previous years, definitely in some part because of our Chapter’s success and active engaging. Both hard skills (through technical papers and events) and soft skills (such as presenting, leading/participating in a team, volunteering and more) are provided in a society such as ours, IEEE IAS. This of course, does attract more and more students, along with the opportunity to involve themselves in a multicultural environment, such as one when traveling to a foreign country/culture for a conference.

Such introductory events fuel the spark that motivate somebody to actively participate in communities and achieve personal academic and professional growth. By now, our Annual Presentations are strongly established and eagerly expected. We hope, as a Chapter, that we get the chance to help organize a lot more such presentations for the years to come, always having something greater than that of previous years’ to cheer for.

by Aristotelis Farmakis