DUTh SBC: IAS Annual Meeting 2015

The Annual Meeting has a long tradition of providing an international forum for experts to present and discuss the latest developments in the application of electrical technology to industry. Our Chapter, DUTh SB IAS Chapter, from the first year of its inauguration has been represented every year in the IEEE IAS Annual Meeting.


During the 50th IAS Annual Meeting held in Dallas, Texas, our chapter’s members (Emmanouil Bafounis, Diamantis Bampoulas, Aristotelis Farmakis, Konstantinos Kafalis, Christina – Panagiota Malliou, Emmanouil Psomas and Antonis Simadopoulos) that were supported by the Annual Meeting Travel Grand Program and the Myron Zucker Design Contest and our chapter’s advisor Prof. Athanasios Karlis had the chance to attend an exceptional technical program as well as a variety of very interesting cultural events. Although our trip to Dallas was long and tiring the Annual Meeting was worth it. It was a great opportunity for all of us to meet new people from all over the world, to learn more and to gain more experience.

The first day, as always, was dedicated to the CMD Workshop. During this workshop the CMD Officers presented this year’s work informing all students about the endless possibilities within the scope of IAS. In addition to this, the Area Chairs, the Chapters Chairs and the Student Branch Chapter Chairs presented their past and upcoming activities as well as the progress made over time. Our Chapter Chair, Mr. Aristotelis Farmakis, presented the new version of our webpage that will be up and running within 2016. Besides this presentation, the conference attendees received the 5th, anniversary issue of Diploma.

In addition to the presentation the Outstanding Officer Awards were presented during the CMD Workshop. Our treasurer and CMD Chapter and Member Promotion and Support Committee Chair, Ms. Christina Panagiota Malliou was awarded as the Outstanding IAS Officer for her contribution during this year along with Ms. Megha Tak, YPP Committee Chair.


A group picture with all the participants was taken at the end of the Workshop.


In the afternoon the Welcome Reception took place along with the Student Poster Session. All of our representatives presented their work and received feedback from the attendees that they will use in the future. All students that participated received “Certificates of Appreciation” for their efforts.


During the second day, some of our members attended the Student Technical Session, where they made oral presentations about their technical papers and answered questions about their projects. During the Student Technical Session our member, Mr. Konstantinos Kafalis, presented his diploma thesis titled “Modeling-Simulation of an Elevator Electric Drive System”, which received the 3rd Prize Award After our presentations we attended some other very interesting presentations and were intrigued by other people’s work!


We also attended the Muron Zucker Student Luncheon, where we were informed about Myron Zucker and his enthusiasm about electrical engineering that lead to his decision to support Electrical Engineering students providing the possible travel grants. During the Zucker Luncheon our chapter’s members Mr. Emmanouil Bafounis, Mr. Emmanouil Psomas and Mr. Antonios Simadopoulos received the Zucker Undergraduate Design Contest Team Category 1st Prize Award for their project “Design of a Savonius Wind Turbine”, while our Chapter Chair Mr. Aristotelis Farmakis received the Individual Category 2nd Shared Prize at the same contest with his project “IASpass”.


Moreover, we attended the CMD Dinner, where Dr. Peter Magyar and Mr. Dave Durocher presented the chapter awards. Our Student Branch Chapter received a great number of awards, including the 1st Prize Award as voted by the student branches for the Anniversary Video Contest, the Chapter Web Contest 1st Prize Award and the Most Happening Chapter 1st Prize Award.


We were very excited to participate and attend the cultural performances that took place this year for the first time during the CMD Dinner.


On the third day, some of our members participated at the Oncor Microgrid Tour, the largest regulated distribution and transmission system in Texas and the sixth largest in the United States. The tour schedule included a visit to the immersion room, the control room and an on-site visit to the facilities, so that attendees can obtain comprehensive information on the activities of the microgrid. The participants had the chance to learn about the feasibility and utility of a microgrid, the history of the grid and the technology that it uses. They also had the opportunity not only to see the real time energy management of the microgrid but also learn about how it is implemented. Last but not least, the attendees got to visit some of the microgrid plants, such as the solar photovoltaic arrays, the microturbine and the energy storage system.


On the fourth day, some of our representatives attended some energy system presentations while the others were attending the power system engineering session. One of our members, Ms. Christina Panagiota Malliou presented her paper “The effect of water droplets and salinity on the offshore wind turbines windings insulation: a short review”.


In the afternoon most of our representatives attended the power system protection, a field very interesting for all of our students. In the evening, the representatives attended the President’s Banquet where some more awards were presented and we were informed about the next Annual Meeting that will be held in Portland, OR, USA.


This Annual Meeting was an unforgettable experience for all of us and we sure hope to get the chance to participate at the Annual Meeting as well!


Report written by
Christina Panagiota Malliou
Adamantios Bampoulas