DUTh SBC: CEuSYP Congress in Zagreb

Last May (8 – 10 May 2015) I attended the Central European Student and Young Professionals Congress in Zagreb. The congress was well organized and the organizing team had done an amazing job. I really enjoyed the plenary sessions about IEEE in general because I had the chance to learn more about the activities of Region 8. Moreover, the workshops in robotics and in presentation skills were really useful. I also had the opportunity to win a book in a lottery about TED presentations from the presenter of that workshop Margaretha Eriksson. In addition, on the first day we had a city tour in order to learn more about Zagreb and its history. Probably, one negative fact was that sometimes participants and organizers were speaking at their own language and not in English.


Moreover, we had the chance to promote IAS. It was the first time for me doing something like that. I tried to inform people about IAS, our actions and of course to promote the free membership. They, also, had a great interest for the IAS printed material.

The “IEEE Central European Student and Young Professionals Congress 2015” was a great experience for me, I had the chance to learn more about IEEE, attend some interesting workshops and of course get in touch with other cultures.

IMG_6232After all, events like these are a great place to learn everything you ever wanted to know about IEEE, other student branches and young professional affinity groups, to make new international contacts and friendships, and to do it in the most fun and catchy way.

Report written by
Dimitra Chatzichrysouu