DUTh SBC: Attending 2015 1st Mediterranean IEEE TISP Workshop

On Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 December, 2015, DUTh SB IAS Chapter had the chance to participate in an inspiring event organized by the IEEE Greece Section and IEEE Educational Activities Board, in collaboration with IEEE Region 8. It was a Training Workshop for educators of primary and secondary education level of Greece, in order to support activities that promote engineering to Greek students. This IEEE TISP Workshop took place in Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens with the official language of the workshop being English, as educators and IEEE members that attended resided in various countries in the wider Mediterranean area.


 In order to attend, the organizing committee requested that a full trio would register, one of an IEEE Member University Professor, an IEEE Student Member and a Teacher of Secondary Education.


DUTh SB IAS Chapter registered with all three participants: Professor was Dr. Karlis, Teacher Mr. Tasoudis, and student, myself, Aristotelis Farmakis.


In this 1½ day workshop, we learnt how to provide training to local primary and secondary school teachers on the use of engineering and engineering design lesson plans and hands-on activities in the classroom. Furthermore, we understood how to inform teachers on how to motivate students in the classroom toward a better understanding of engineering, how the lesson plans may be aligned to local education standards and finally, how to develop a partnership with local primary and secondary school systems.


When the workshop came to an end, acquaintances were made, collaborations were discussed and mutual passion in order to elevate this IEEE TISP effort was all around.


Allow me to attach the official report of the workshop, translated in English, to provide the best possible understanding!


When teachers turn to kids again
Official Greek report by Dora Fourou
(English translation by Aristotelis Farmakis)

In a festive, Christmas spirit, 65 participants from Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia, Malta and Palestine, created an atmosphere full of joy. Because of the spread of excitement all over the site, the 1st Mediterranean IEEE TISP Workshop was characterized successful.

During this two-day Conference, interesting speeches were given, as well as three experiential activities. Ship the chip, Measuring the wind and the Tall tower were the three activities that absorbed the participants, making them wonder and cooperate to create three different structures.

Professional engineers – IEEE members, primary and secondary school teachers, but also university students – IEEE members were the participants of the Conference.

The IEEE TISP – Teacher In-Service Program, already marks 10 years of action. During these years, IEEE TISP has offered teachers and IEEE members the possibility to cooperate, suggesting a new approach to education. While adopting interactive learning approaches, students understand and get acquainted with the profession of engineering, through a procedure of personal growth, while at the same time developing unique skills.

The IEEE is the largest professional body to promote the use of innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of society. The IEEE and its members inspire the international community to innovate aiming for a better tomorrow, through a set of exceptional research publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.

Being gifted the best Christmas present, that of knowledge, all participants were inspired ideas for a new, productive year.

Members of the Organizing Committee wish Merry Christmas and health to all, along with wishes for a creative 2016, through the video below: https://youtu.be/CL_qOp3YTt0

More information can be found at the site of the workshop at: http://sites. ieee. org/greece-tisp/