DUTh SBC: 2015 Macedonia Thrace “Vergina” Brewery Academic Visit

On December 1st, 2015, we arranged for a guided tour of Macedonia Thrace “Vergina” Brewery, at the Komotini Industrial Area. AS claimed by Vergina themselves, “The history of beer brewing in the Hellenic world is well documented throughout antiquity – perhaps most famously in the 10th Century Byzantine codex entitled “Peri Zython Pioiseos” (“On the Crafting of Beers”)


Furthermore, the ancient Greeks were well aware of the exceptional quality of the natural spring waters of Northern Greece, and archaeological finds confirm that Thrace was one of the very first locations in Europe where beer fermentation took place.”. This is one of the reasons, along with Frank Zappa’s quote regarding not being a real country, if you don’t at least have a beer, that led to Vergina’s first production and going on sale in 1998.


Since then, Vergina has managed to build state-of-the-art production facilities and one of the strongest Greek Companies, one awarded with international prizes, one that produces eight (8) products: Vergina Premium, Vergina Red, Vergina Weiss, Vergina Porfyra, Edelsteiner, Stadelbrau, Prost and Hillas. Also, in 2012, Macedonia Thrace Brewery introduced a new product, Greek Mountain Tea “Tuvunu”. This brave move, in the middle of financial crisis, proved to be extremely successful.


It is not exaggerating to claim that is was worth visiting as no place could better give us a chance to understand local productivity and market, as well as entrepreneurship with a vision and above all interdisciplinary collaboration of engineers and scientists of all sorts for the facilities to be ran in full. Collaboration with local farming sector and continuous evolution, both in equipment and staff expertise, proves to be the key factor of the company’s success.

However, the greatest thing about this visit was the ending of it, as Macedonia Thrace Brewery offered us all of their products as part of beer testing and even allowed us to keep the official glasses in which the beers are to be drank, and thus offered us the chance to make a great social event out of this academic visit as well. Lots of students left the premises yelling that it was the best educational visit, Ever!

Report written by
Aristotelis Farmakis