NUCES SBC: Awareness Session on Careers In Network Security Systems

Interactive Session On Careers in Network Security Domain with Ebryx (Pvt) Ltd

IEEE Industry Application Society NUCES held a seminar on Network Security Systems by Ebryx on 19th of November at New Auditorium of FAST NUCES Lahore, Pakistan.

Ebryx provides a comprehensive array of IT, software and hardware engineering services to technology companies and IT organizations worldwide. The Main speaker of the event was Mr. Mustafa Qasim who is leading the Computer Security Incident Response division at Ebryx (Pvt) Ltd. He has been working in Network Operations & Security for 9+ years. He holds industry accreditations such as GIAC Certified Malware Reverse Engineer (GREM) and GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner(GCFE).


Advancements in computer sciences have heavily facilitated organized crime mafia along other aspects of life. As reported by the 2013 Europol Serious & Organized Threat Assessment, the “Total Global Impact of Cyber Crime has risen to $3 Trillion, making it more profitable than the global trade in marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined”. Hacker have broken into giant corporates and stolen millions of credit cards and Tera bytes of confidential intellectual property. Computer security domain is experiencing high shortage of skilled people to make possible swift response against these stealthy network intrusions. This session was aimed to introduce students to one of the emerging domains in computer sciences which has created a global opportunity vacuums. Being pioneer in Network Security domain, Manager of Operations at Ebryx, Mr. Haroon Akhtar along with Mr. Mustafa Qasim held an interactive awareness session with CS & EE students of under & post graduate programs. The main idea behind the organization of this session by IEEE IAS NUCES Chapter was to give awareness to upcoming graduates that how they can have a complete career track in domain of Network Security.


The session gave the students a tremendous opportunity to communicate and interact with their future potential employers. It lasted for 2 hours and was followed by a highly interactive question answer session, in which students got many of their career-related query answered.  IEEE IAS NUCES Chapter also handed over complimentary gifts to the guests. Following the idea of IEEE IAS, The NUCES chapter successfully full filled the dynamics of this society with this session which had a participant count of 90-100.