UNSA SBC: IEEE IAS Annual Meeting 2014

IEEE IAS Annual Meeting
Vancouver, BC Canada
5-9 October 2014


My first visit to North America. I could not find a direct flight to Vancouver, so I needed to fly to Munich first. It was an overseas, 14-hour-flight from Munich, but I wasn’t nervous because it all started as a huge adventure.2

On the plain in Munich, I met a man from Croatia, and as it turned out his seat was right next to mine. He told me that he had friends from Bosnia, living in Vancouver, and because I came a day early than my reservation, I ended up sleeping at his friends’ small suburban house. I could not believe how small the world really is – I come to Vancouver, and the first people I meet are from Croatia and Bosnia!


I spent the night at his friends’ house, and in the morning they showed me the city and took me to lunch. In the afternoon it was time for me to go to the hotel and meet with Bojan who flew from London. Everything started the next day. It was the opening ceremony, and because our Student Branch was one of the best Branches that year, Bojan had a lot to talk about on our behalf.


The next couple of days were all the same – we had lectures and presentations in the morning, and in the afternoon we explored the city and tried to see as much as we could. Our presentations went great – people were really interested in the work done by our SB, and we made quite a few friends there. We had a chance to see a lot of new things and get to know a completely new culture. It was amazing how people are close to the nature, and we were stunned by their environmental awareness.


During our free time, we had a chance to visit some of the world’s greatest treasures, like the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Stanley Park (where we saw original Indian Totem Poles).



We made a field trip to one of Canada’s biggest power plants and took a bicycle ride across the city and the surroundings. Everything was such an amazing experience (expect that we both missed Bosnian food), but sadly, it was time to part. It was really an eye-opening experience, we made a lot of new friends, and had a chance to learn a lot from some of the world’s biggest experts in Industry. This is one of the perks of IEEE, and I would recommend everyone to engage, and do their best – who knows where it can take you?


Report written by:

Hamza Merzić,

Member of the Chapter board,
Undergraduate student Member,
University of Sarajevo Student Branch IAS Chapter,
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina