DUTh SBC: IAS Annual Meeting 2014

IAS Annual Meeting 2014
Vancouver, 5-9 October 2014

Since 2012, the DUTh SB IAS Chapter is being represented every year by student members in the IAS Annual Meetings. This year, the IAS Annual Meeting was held in Vancouver, Canada, and our chapter had 8 representatives: 7 student members (Antigoni Noula, Aristotelis Farmakis, Christina – Panagiota Malliou, Christos Pnevmatikos, Christina Semertzidou, Galini Kondyli, Paschalis Pelitaris) and our chapter’s advisor (Athanasios Karlis). The representatives attended the meeting, presented the chapter and some of their projects. The IAS Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to gain experience and meet new people from all over the world! We got the opportunity to meet people from other countries and exchange knowledge while learning about other cultures!

The trip to Canada was long and difficult but the Annual Meeting experience was totally worth it!

On the first day, we attended the CMD Chapter’s Workshop, where many CMD Officers presented their work in IAS and informed us about Chapter Promotion, Membership Development and some special projects. During the CMD Chapter’s Workshop there were presentations from the Area Chairs, Chapters and Student Branch Chapters, such as our Student Branch Chapter. The DUTh SB IAS Chapter was presented by Ms. Galini Kondyli, Chair and Ms. Christina Semertzidou, Program Organizer. They gave an oral presentation about the Chapter’s activities and its progress over time. During the presentation, our Chapter’s representatives distributed the third issue of DIPLOMA to all the attendees.



After the presentations, all the participants took a group picture! In the afternoon there was the Welcome Reception along with the Student Poster Session. Three posters were presented by the Chapter’s representatives

  • “Indoors Environmental Quality Control” by Paschalis Pelitaris, Christos Pnevmatikos, Christina – Panagiota Malliou that was supervised by Prof.Elias Kosmatopoulos.
  • “Studies of the Vector Analysis and Vector Units of an Asynchronous Motor Drive” by Antigoni Noula, Christina – Panagiota Malliou and Galini Kondyli that was supervised by Nick Papanikolaou and Athanasios Karlis
  • “” by Aristotelis Farmakis

Our posters received positive feedback from the attendees. We also received “Certificates of Appreciation” for our efforts.

During the second day, the student members participated in the Student Technical Session, where they made oral presentations about their technical papers and answered questions about their projects. There were three oral presentations by the DUTh SB IAS Chapter representatives. One team (Antigoni Noula, Galini Kondyli, Christina – Panagiota Malliou, Nick Papanikolaou, Athanasios Karlis) presented their paper entitled “Vector Analysis and Control of an Induction Motor Drive System Using DSpace “. Another team (Christina – Panagiota Malliou, Paschalis Pelitaris, Christos Pnevmatikos, Elias Kosmatopoulos) presented their paper called ” Smart House Network: A Smart House Network Using Wired Sensors Based on Arduino Architecture”. Last but not least, Aristotelis Farmakis presented his paper “IAS Goes Mobile” and received the “Best Presenter Award” for his presentation. After our presentations we attended some other very interesting presentations and were intrigued by other peoples work! All the presenters received “Certificates of Appreciation” for their presentations. We also attended the Muron Zucker Student Luncheon, where we were informed about possible travel grants. On that day, our chapter’s advisor, Professor Athanasios Karlis was the session chair for the evening presentations.



Moreover, we attended the CMD Dinner, where Dr. Peter Magyar and Mr. Blake Llloyd presented the awards for the chapters and the officers. Our SB Chapter received many awards.



During the CMD Dinner, the result of the IAS Young Professionals Program Logo Contest was announced and we were really proud to hear that the winning Logo was submitted by Ms. Makrina Sekeri, a student member of our Student Branch Chapter!


In addition to this, during the Dinner, the Inter-Cultural Contest was held, where our team won the first prize award.



The third day, we attended the BC Hydro Stave Falls Powerhouse Tour, which was a 2-hour guided tour at the old Hydroelectric Power Plant at Stave Falls. During this visit we were able to travel back in time since the Stave Falls Dam and Powerhouse was in operation from 1912. From this year it has been upgraded more than three times in order to meet the constantly increasing needs of power. The facilities and the tour were really nice and everyone enjoyed it! We also had lunch at a local restaurant. When we returned to the Annual Meeting, we attended some very interesting presentations on power systems control, lighting and power systems engineering.



On the fourth day, some of our representatives attended some energy system presentations while the others were attending the power system engineering session. In the afternoon most of our representatives attended the power system protection, a field very interesting for all of our students. In the evening, the representatives attended the President’s Banquet where some more awards were presented and they informed us about the next Annual Meeting, in 2015 in Addison TX USA.

We all hope to get the chance to attend the next Annual Meeting since it was an unforgettable experience!

Report written by:
Galini Kondyli
Democritus University of Thrace SB IAS Chapter Vice Chair
Xanthi, Greece

Christina Panagiota Malliou
Democritus University of Thrace SB IAS Chapter Financial Manager
Xanthi, Greece