How does the IEEE Huntsville Section touch the technical community of the Tennessee Valley? We host IEEE events and promote educational and professional activities that reach out to the technical community. We traditionally support these activities with volunteer assistance, acting as mentors, coordinators and judges, and even support some activities financially. Follow our LiveWire blog and view our calendar to find the latest IEEE events.

IEEE Conferences

IEEE SoutheastCon

The Section participates in SoutheastCon, an annual Region 3 event for researchers, professionals, and students. The event includes a university level competitions in robotics, software, web design, technical lectures, demonstrations, exhibits and tutorials. In 2008, the Huntsville Section hosted SoutheastCon 2008 here in Huntsville, AL.

IEEE Radar Conference

IEEE RadarConference 2003 was hosted by the IEEE Huntsville Section. This event brought the latest radar technology home to Huntsville, a major hub of the defense industry.

IEEE Systems Readiness Technology Conference

The Systems Readiness Technology Conference, formerly known as AutoTestCon, was hosted by the IEEE Huntsville Section in 2002. This conference is a central resource for the latest technologies of automatic system testing.

Technical Community Involvement

Joint Engineers Council of Alabama (JECA)

The IEEE Huntsville Section is a member of JECA, an organization that is “dedicated to unifying the governmental affairs activities and common legislative interests of the Alabama Engineering Community.”

Huntsville Association of Technical Socities (HATS)

The Section is a member of HATS, which is “a 501(c)3 non-profit association of technical and professional societies in the Huntsville area that is dedicated to the advancement of science and engineering.”

National Engineers Week Foundation (E-Week)

E-Week “strives to be the global leader in cultivating and celebrating the engineering profession.” The Section annually presents special E-Week awards, which are presented at the HATS E-Week Awards Banquet. The Huntsville Section presents five special awards: Outstanding Engineer, Outstanding Educator, Outstanding Service, IEEE UAH Student of the Year and IEEE AAMU Student of the Year.

K-12 Activities

The Huntsville Section provides is proud to offer mentorship and support to local activies that encourage the study of science and engineering to youths across the Tennessee Valley.

Alabama Regional Future City Competition (ARFCC)

Alabama Science & Engineering Fair (ASEF)

The Section judges and presents special awards to middle school and high school contestants in science & engineering disciplines ASEF.

North Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair (NARSEF)

NARSEF is a regional science fair for junior & senior high students. Volunteers from the Section judge and present special awards to recipients in science & engineering disciplines to middle school and high school students.

Alabama Consortium on Technology in Education (ACTE)

ACTE is a state wide K-12 competition in a broad spectrum of technical disciplines, hold the Alabama Northwest Regional Technology Fair and ACTE Team Programming Challenge. IEEE typically provides two to four event judges for this competition.

Tennessee Valley BEST

The Huntsville Section volunteers to assist in preparation for the annual TV BEST Competition by acting as judges, mentors and event support.


The FIRST Robotics Competition is another competition for high school students with an interest in robotics. The Huntsville Section has supported IEEE member mentors for local teams.


STEDTRAIN is a program that is sponsored by the Huntsville Association of Technical Societies (HATS). STEDTRAIN is a resource for K-12 teachers to seek funding for school projects. The IEEE Huntsville Section is proud to be a longtime supporter of STEDTRAIN.

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