Matlab Graphic User Interface(GUI) Programming

Mr. Wonkyu Kim of the Univeristy of Alabama in Huntsville would like to present a talk about MATLAB GUI Programming to the IEEE Young Professional Society.

Matlab is widely used software for scientific calculation with programming capability, such as equation solving and matrix calculation. Programming in graphical user interface(GUI) makes program easier to use by providing intuitive controls such as check box, radio button, sliders, and list boxes. Thus, the end user, who a script writer can also be, is likely to understand easily how to operate the program, enhancing work efficiency. In the presentation, basic GUI programming skills will be explained, including how to use a built-in graphic user interface development environment(GUIDE).

Lunch will be provided by Jason’s Deli. $5 for member and $10 for non-IEEE members. Please RSVP if you will be wanting lunch provided.