“S(olar)O(cean)W(ind) the Seeds of Our Future”

Conference Program


Omni Corpus Christi Hotel

Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

3-4 April 2014


Conference Program


Thursday, 3 April 2014 Friday, 4 April 2014
7:20-4:00                                  Registration 3rd Floor
Registration  3rd Floor
7:30-8:25 Breakfast Corpus Christi A
7:00-7:55 Breakfast Corpus Christi A
8:30-8:55 Opening RemarksCorpus Christi A
8:00-8:05 Opening Remarks Corpus Christi A
8:55-9:55 Keynote Speaker  – Qing-Chang Zhong, University of Sheffield, UK
Corpus Christi A
8:05-8:55 Keynote Speaker  – Mark Ehsani, Texas A&M University, USA
Corpus Christi A
9:55-10:15 Coffee  Break   3rd Floor, Foyer
8:55-10:35 Workshop: IAEI’s Photovoltaic System  Requirements Nueces B Session  R3A (8:55-10:35)   Nueces A
10:15-11:55 Session R1A  Nueces A Session R2A
Nueces B
10:35-10:55 Coffee  Break   3rd Floor, Foyer
12:00-1:30 Lunch – Keynote Speaker, Phrantceena Halres, CEO, Total Protection Services Global, USA
Corpus Christi A
10:45-12:45 Workshop: IAEI’s Photovoltaic System  Requirements      Nueces B Session  R3B (10:55-12:35)    Nueces A
1:30-3:10 Session R1B  Nueces A Session  R2B   Nueces B 12:45-2:00 Lunch – Keynote  Speaker, J. Roberto  de Marca,  IEEE President, BRAZIL
Corpus Christi A
3:10-3:30 Coffee  Break    3rd Floor, Foyer 2:00 – 3:00 Panel: Technologies for Wind Integration in ERCOT   Corpus Christi A
3:30-5:30 Session R1C      Nueces A Session  R2C     Nueces B 3:00 – 3:30 Review  of Next Year’s Conference and Closing  Remarks   Corpus Christi A
6:00-8:00 Reception    Bayview



Session  R1A           Hydro, Wind and Solar Energy I                                            Nueces A
Session Chairs: Mohammad Vaziri, California State University, Sacramento; Terence Goh, SIM University
Time Paper Number Paper
10:15-10:40 R1A-1 Analysis  and Review  of Grid Connected Battery  in Wind Applications – Anitha  Sarah Subburaj, Preethi  Kondur,  Stephen  Bayne,  Michael  Giesselmann and Mark Harral
10:40-11:05 R1A-2 Efficient Decentralized Economic Dispatch for Microgrids with Wind Power Integration – Yu Zhang and Georgios Giannakis
11:05-11:30 R1A-3 A Hydro Power  Plant Linear Parameter Varying  Control  Framework – Muhittin Yilmaz and Arjun Kamalapur
11:30-11:55 R1A-4 Study of Utilization of Wind Induced  Vibrations in Generation of Electricity –  Abhiram Aithal, Anirudh Deshpande and Dinesh  P A, INDIA



Session R2A            Green Technology and Modeling                                 Nueces B
Session  Chair: H. Bora Karayaka, Western Carolina University
Time Paper Number Paper
10:15-10:40 R2A-1 Improved Estimation of Induction Motor Circuit Parameters with Published Motor Performance Data– Gang Wang and Sung-Won Park
10:40-11:05 R2A-2 Analysis  and Control  of Ripple Eliminators in DC Systems – Xin Cao, Qing-Chang Zhong and Wen-Long Ming, UNITED KINGDOM
11:05-11:30 R2A-3 A Game Theoretic Framework of SLA-Based Resource Allocation for Competitive Cloud Service  Providers – Yanzhi Wang, Xue Lin and Massoud Pedram
11:30-11:55 R2A-4 Wireless Sensor  Networks – A Comparative Study for Energy  Minimization Using Topology Control – Abhishek Deshpande, Claudio  Montiel and Lifford McLauchlan



Session R1B             Hydro, Wind and Solar Energy  II                                     Nueces A
Session  Chair:J. Derald Morgan, J. Derald Morgan & Associates, Inc.
Time Paper Number Paper
1:30-1:55 R1B-1 Dynamic Power  Control  of a PV- Fuel Cell Hybrid Energy  System  used in DC Motors  Applications – Andres  Salazar-Llinas, Eduardo Ortiz-Rivera and Jesus Gonzalez-Llorente
1:55-2:20 R1B-2 Evaluation of Maximum Power  Point Tracking Techniques in PV Systems using MATLAB/Simulink – Moein Jazayeri, Sener Uysal and Kian Jazayeri, (Cyprus, north) TURKEY
2:20-2:45 R1B-3 Ocean Energy Conversion and Storage  – Prototypes for Wave, Current  and Tide Energy  Generators – Mehrube Mehrubeoglu, Lifford McLauchlan and Bora Karayaka
2:45-3:10 R1B-4 Observer Based Sensor  Fault Tolerant  for Grid-tied Solar Inverters – Andres  Salazar-Llinas, Antonio  Ginart and Carlos Restrepo



Session R2B          Government, Policy and Regulations                                 Nueces B
Session  Chair: Qing-Chang Zhong, The University of Sheffield
Time Paper Number Paper
1:30-1:55 R2B-1 Invited  Talk  Overview of Silicon Carbide  Power  Semiconductor Devices – Stephen B. Bayne,  Bejoy N. Pushpakaran
1:55-2:20 R2B-2 Designing the Optimal  Pricing  Policy for Aggregators in Smart Grid – Xue Lin, Yanzhi Wang and Massoud Pedram
2:20-2:45 R2B-3 Review  of State and National Renewable Energy  Policies – Venkatesh Yadav Singarao, and Ravi Singh
2:45-3:10 R2B-4 Invited  Talk – Congress and Green Technology: Rekindling the Romance – Russell Harrison, IEEE-USA



Session R1C           Hydro, Wind and Solar Energy III                                       Nueces A
Session  Chairs: Mike Siok, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company; Muhittin Yilmaz, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Time Paper Number Paper
3:50-4:15 R1C-1 An Investigation of Parametric Load Leveling Control  Methodologies for Resistive Heaters  in Smart Grids – Lee Holland,  Bora Karayaka, Martin  Tanaka  and Aaron Ball
4:15-4:40 R1C-2 Sustainable Technologies for an Eco-City  in China– Huang Hong Dou, Terence  Goh and William Phay, SINGAPORE
4:40-5:05 R1C-3 Energy Efficiency Evaluation of Data Mining Pre-fetching Algorithm for Hybrid Storage Systems – Soumya Saha, Arka Biswas, Mais Nijim and Lifford McLauchlan
5:05-5:30 R1C-4 Extended Abstract: The Evaluation of Cooling of Solar Panels On-Demand to Increase Power Output and Revenue – Joe Redfield and Christopher Botello



Session  R2C         Tech Talks                                                                            Nueces B
Session  Chair: TBA
Time Talk Number Title
3:50-4:15 R2C-1 TBA
4:15-4:40 R2C-2 TBA
4:40-5:05 R2C-3 TBA
5:05-5:30 R2C-4 TBA





Session  R3A              Buildings, Generation and Distribution                                Nueces A
Session  Chair: Dennis C. Grant, University of Washington, Tacoma
Time Paper Number Paper
8:55-9:45 R3A-1 Invited  Talk: Design  and Construction of an Energy  Star Home – Derald  Morgan
9:45-10:10 R3A-2 Invited Talk: Reliable and Cost-Efficient Wave Energy Generation Onshore and in Ships – Inna Braverman, Eco Wave Power, Israel
10:10-10:35 R3A-3 A Probability Theory  Based Price Determination Framework for Utility Companies in an Oligopolistic Energy  Market – Tiansong Cui, Yanzhi Wang, Xue Lin, Shahin  Nazarian and Massoud Pedram



Session  R3B               Buildings, Generation and Distribution                               Nueces A
Session  Chairs: Sung-Won Park, Texas A&M Universtiy-Kingsville; Anitha S. Subburaj, Texas Tech University
Time Paper Number Paper
10:55-11:20 R3B-1 Energy Northwest Columbia Generating Station Proposed Enhancements – Dennis  Charles  Grant
11:20-11:45 R3B-2 Review  of Concepts to increase Distributed Generation into the Distribution Network – Daniel Ilse, Mohammad Vaziri, Mahyar  Zarghami and Suresh Vadhva
11:45-12:10 R3B-3 Economic Comparison of Deloaded-Wind and Wind-Battery Systems – Venkatesh Yadav Singarao and Sandeep Nimmagadda
12:10-12:35 R3B-4 A Collaborative System Design of Residential Appliances, Conceptual Smart Meter and Smart Wind Power Interface for Demand Response – Meng Liu and Franklin Quilumba, University of Texas at Arlington

Winners  of the CCET Student Paper Competition



2:00-3:00 Friday, April 4, 2014
Panel: Technologies for Wind Integration in ERCOT
Dr. Milton Holloway, President & COO, Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies (CCET)  
Panelists TOPIC
Ron Russell, Vice President, Engineering & Consulting, Frontier Associates Consumer Load Shape Changes via Electric Vehicle Charging
Sean Mitchem, Principal Analyst, Southwest Research Institute Aggregated Fleets for Fast Regulation Service
Stephen Bayne, Associate Professor Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics (P3E), Texas Tech University College of Engineering Utility Scale Battery Operation on Distribution System
Bill Blevins, Manager of Operations Support, ERCOT Synchrophasors for Monitoring Wind Events




R1A, R1B and R1C sessions  will be held in the same conference room R2A, R2B and R2C sessions  will be held in the same conference room R3A and R3B sessions  will be held in the same conference room

The schedule is subject  to change.