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    • Engineers Are Working on a Solar Microgrid to Outlast Lunar Nights May 23, 2022
      The next time humans land on the moon, they intend to stay awhile. For the Artemis program, NASA and its collaborators want to build a sustained presence on the moon, which includes setting up a base where astronauts can live and work.One of the crucial elements for a functioning lunar base is a power supply. […]
    • Practical Power Beaming Gets Real May 21, 2022
      Wires have a lot going for them when it comes to moving electric power around, but they have their drawbacks too. Who, after all, hasn’t tired of having to plug in and unplug their phone and other rechargeable gizmos? It’s a nuisance. Wires also challenge electric utilities: These companies must take pains to boost the […]
    • Wireless Heater Made From a Leaf Skeleton Is Fully Biodegradable May 10, 2022
      We’ve gotten very, very good at making things that are cheap and durable. Unfortunately, there are some deleterious side effects. Among them: Our society generates massive amounts of waste that is going to remain in landfills for a long time. What’s more, the process of making these goods is also bad for the environment, considering […]

Exhibits/Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall has been arranged to be at the focal center of the conference. Over the nearly two days of the conference all breaks, including for lunch and the evening reception on  the first day of the conference will be held in the Exhibit Hall.  This will generate traffic for you.  Showcase what you have to offer — from products to services, including education/training.  The conference attendees are on the forefront of exciting new advances and their applications.

Exhibit Information

Ability to engage with over 100-200 business, government and technology leaders, network with friends, colleagues, customers and vendors at one place and time
  • One 6 ft drapped table
  • Two chairs
  • Waste basket
  • Identification sign
Exhibits that bring you face to face with your colleagues and customers
  • Pipe and drape back and side walls
  • One full registration per 8’ x 8’ booth
  • Additional registrations at IEEE member pricing
Network with outstanding engineering students
  • Recognition as exhibitor
  • Logo on conference website



Standard 8’ x 8’ booth: $ 1,000
Nonprofit standard 8’ x 8’ booth: $ 700
6 ft. table: $ 800

Exhibit Hall Layout (Preliminary design)

2013 IEEE Green Technologies Conference Exhibit Hall Layout

Patrons Packages

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To become a Patron or Exhibitor, or for more information please contact:

P: 847.983.3519
F: 312.896.5614