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    • Could Pulling Water from Air Slake Global Thirst? November 19, 2021
      One in four people in this world, about 2.2 billion, do not have reliable access to safe drinking water. Small solar-powered devices that pull water out of thin air could help provide potable water for one billion of those, according to a study published recently in Nature. The new study by researchers at Alphabet, Inc.'s […]
    • Climate Expert: Stop Talking About "Geoengineering" November 16, 2021
      The leaders of the world have just returned from the UN's latest climate change summit, COP26, in which the countries that have signed on to the Paris Agreement upped their commitments to fight climate change. Everyone solemnly agreed, again, to follow the science, which has shown in exhaustive detail that humanity will suffer from heat, […]
    • Multiphysics Modeling of Power Switches November 13, 2021
      Power switches of all types and sizes play many important roles in our everyday lives, from turning on cellphones to safely interrupting the current flow from a large power transformer. In this presentation, we will discuss how you can model switches with COMSOL Multiphysics, in particular when more than one type of physics is involved. […]