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Additional Corporate Value


Are you on the lookout for new business ideas? Marine Hydrokinetics?

Do you want to grow your expertise in Renewable Technologies, Smart Grids, Wind,  ….. or just want to improve resiliency?

Do you want to interact with potential employees? Pre-screening?

What better way to achieve all of these goals and more at GreenTech 2013.  Review “Why Attend GreenTech 2013” and then contemplate interacting with 150+ bright minds – experts and budding experts, graduate students, experienced professionals, some with terminal degrees.  Access to attendees from academia, industry and advance laboratories.

Showcase your own technological prowess.  And then hold court. On how, please review “Patrons/Exhibitor” program.  Whether you are a business enterprise, research laboratory or a University, the skill set  is available at GreenTech 2013.


If you also have a need for fresh graduates, then contact us on how you can get access to 200+ seniors competing in competitions ranging from Circuit Design, Technical Paper and Robotics.


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