Rethink, Reimagine and Recreate Energy Technologies


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This is the current list of Panels (updated February 4, 2013).

Please visit this page regularly as this page will be continuously updated as we learn more details of the various panel sessions by the experts in their fields. Please note that the schedule information is likely to change.


Panel Title and Panelist Presentation Title Schedule
 Thomas Basso – Moderator
 National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
 IEEE 1547 Smart Grid Standards
Tom Yohn, Xcel Energy Utility Experience with 1547
Jim Reilly, System Integrator/Consultant Distributed Photovoltaic Systems Experience Using 1547 Standards
Tim Zgonena, Underwriters Laboratories Inc Testing and Conformance to 1547 Standards
 Dr. Sunil Cherian – Moderator
 Spirae Inc.
 Power System Resiliency
Dr. Alexis Kwasinski, University of Texas at Austin Damage Assessment after Hurricane Sandy
Tristan Glenwright, The Boeing Company Cyber Secure Microgrid Operations
Brian Seal, EPRI DERMS – The Emerging Paradigm for Distribution Operations
Holger Kley, Spirae, Inc. Danish Cell Controller for Security of Supply
 Dr. Salman Mohagheghi – Moderator
 Colorado School of Mines, Golden
 Smart Grid
Dr. Ben Kroposki, NREL ESIF, the Incubator for the Future Smart Grid Implementation
Dr. Sioe T. Mak, ESTA International LLC Unique Technical Problems and Issues Caused by Proliferation of DGs at the Service Voltage Circuits to AMI and SMART GRID Functions at the Distribution Network
Dr. Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Clemson University Situational Intelligence for Real-Time Smart Grid Operations
 Dr. Marcelo Simoes – Moderator
 Colorado School of Mines, Golden
 Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems
Dr. Marcelo Simões, Colorado School of Mines Control Strategies for Smart Inverters
Dr. Sudipta Chakraborty, NREL Modular Power Electronic Topologies for Renewable Energy Systems
Dr. Mohit Singh, NREL Wind Energy Systems for Utility Applications
Dr. Dragan Maksimovic, University of Colorado Photovoltaics for Utility Applications
 Dr. Robert Thresher – Moderator
 National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
 Marine Hydrokinetic (Ocean Energy)
Dr. Ted Brekken, Oregon State University A Programmable Mooring Controller for Tank Testing of Scaled Wave Energy Converters
Dr. M. El-Hawary, Dalhousie University, Canada Research in hydrokinetic technology devices, systems, and applications: the electrical issues
Prof AbuBakr S. Bahaj, The University of Southampton, UK Global Ocean Energy Activities – Status and Prospects
 Dr. Ray Sepe, Jr., Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, Rhode Island Wave Energy Harvesting Buoys– Overview and Field Experiments
 Dr. Paul Veers – Moderator
 National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
 Wind Energy
Dr. Fort Felker, NREL Advances in Wind Power Generation
Walt Musial, NREL Opportunities and Challenges of Offshore Wind Energy
Nicholas Miller, GE Energy Consulting Portfolio Strategies for Renewables and Gas Generation: Balancing Big Wind
 Dr. Jun Jason Zhang – Moderator
 University of Denver, Denver
 Signal and Information Processing in Smart Grid
Dr. Junshan Zhang, Arizona State University When Online Electric Vehicle Charging Meets Variable Renewable Generation
Dr. Dongliang Duan, University of WyomingLiuqing Yang, Colorado State University A Joint Frequency and Phasor Estimation Algorithm Using DFT Samples for Power Systems
Dr. Yingchen Zhang, NREL Synchrophasor Measurements-Based Wind Plant Inertia Estimation-Digest
Dr. Jun Jason Zhang, University of Denver Data-Driven Diagnosis and Control Methods in Smart Grid
 Dr. Juris P. Kalejs – Moderator
 American Capital Energy
 Utility-Scale PV: Next Generation Technology
Mahesh Morjaria, First Solar Grid Integration Requirements for Utility-Scale PV Plants
Ken Christensen, SMA PV Power Plants as a Utility Cornerstone 
Jim Cale, National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL/DOE Programs in Support of Utility-Scale PV Technologies