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Panos Kotsampopoulos received the Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering and his PhD degree on distributed energy resources from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2010 and 2017 respectively. Since 2010 he has been working on research projects at the Smart RUE research group of NTUA, where he is currently a senior researcher. He was a guest researcher at the Austrian Institute of Technology AIT (Vienna) in 2012 and 2013.  He is chair of the IEEE PES Task Force “Innovative teaching methods for modern power and energy systems”  and active member of several IEEE and CIGRE Task Forces and Working Groups.  He is member of the Editorial Board of the “IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy” and the journal “Energies” (MDPI publisher). He serves as an academic scholar at NTUA and has been teaching power system courses since 2012. He is co-founder of the energy community/cooperative “Collective Energy”. His research interests include real-time simulation, control of distributed energy resources, power system dynamics and engineering education.


Iasonas Kouveliotis – Lysikatos received his diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2013 and his PhD in 2019 from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). His is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Electric Power and Energy Systems laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science school of KTH – Royal Institute of Technology. He has participated in several European research projects such as DREAM, SmarterEMC2, ERIGrid and Compile. His has worked for Intracom S.A. Telecom Solutions (Greece), as a Research engineer for Smart Grid projects, and he has also actively contributed in developing solutions for an Innovation Lab by HEDNO, the Greek DSO, as a member of a startup company associated with forming energy communities. His research interests include: Microgrids and distributed application techniques applications in smart grids with increased DG penetration, Decentralized control and ancillary services provision in distribution grids, Multi-Agent Systems and decentralized energy management applications using blockchain technology and smart contracts. He has given lectures and participated in many international workshops in the areas of Smart Grids. He has contributed in numerous peer reviews for IEEE journals (Transactions on Smart Grids, Transactions on Power Systems), and IEEE and PES conferences.

Adamantia Stamou is a post-doc researcher participating in International & European Research Projects. Adamantia combines the fields of Informatics & Telecommunications Engineering with Strategic Management & Coaching Leadership to provide exceptional Research & Development results and Innovative solutions in both Academia and Business Sectors. She holds a PhD from National Technical University of Athens in cooperation with NCSR Demokritos. She also possesses an MBA under full honorary scholarship with specialization in Knowledge Management. Her research interests include mobile and wireless communications, research and educational management. She is a Member of the IEEE Communications Society, Young Professionals and Women in Engineering.

Personal Statement: The Global Higher Education Area and the Global Research Area revise their roles and objectives in order to get accustomed to the emerging economic environment of an ideas-driven, global knowledge economy. In this context, engineers and researchers are expected to develop “soft skills”, essential for their career such as effective communication and creativity, as well as, the capability for multi-disciplinary research approaches and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, engineering universities should urge to approach a wider range of students, such as female students that are traditionally underrepresented in engineering disciplines. In this context, I seek to promote the role of young women and men engineers, and to promote good practices, including the cultivation of soft skills and entrepreneurship, enabling them to thrive in a global context.

I received the Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2014 from the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH), Greece. Following, I graduated with a Master’s of Science in 2018 from the RWTH Aachen, Germany. As part of my master’s studies in RWTH, I was employed as a young researcher to the industry in both Switzerland and Germany. Since 2018, I am a PhD candidate with the SMART RUE research team of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) under the supervision of Prof. Nikos Hatziargyriou.

The leading position of IEEE in the global research community, along with the active presence of the organization in our country, compose a unique opportunity, especially for researchers willing to offer to the fellow academic community. I believe I have a lot to offer as a member of the Executive Committee of the IEEE Young Professionals Greece, as I am a responsible and highly motivated person who is not intimidated by assuming responsibility.

As member of the Executive Committee of IEEE YP, my goal will be to enhance the engineering skills and competencies of the IEEE Young Professional members through various activities such as talks, conferences and fairs.