2015 IEEE Young Professionals Chairperson Announced

Mario Milicevic was recently selected as the incoming Chairperson for the 2015 IEEE MGA Young Professionals Global Strategy & Operations Committee.

Mario Milicevic, 2015 IEEE Young Professionals Chairperson

Mario Milicevic, 2015 IEEE Young Professionals Chairperson

Mario currently serves as the Vice Chair of Member Products & Services on the MGA Young Professionals Committee, where he leads a international team of volunteers to deliver high-impact products & services to IEEE Young Professional members worldwide. As part of his portfolio, Mario has re-vitalized the monthly Young Professionals webinar series and initiated the promotion of online IEEE career-focused services including Mentor Centre and ResumeLab.

Currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Toronto, Mario’s research focuses on the design and development of integrated circuit implementations of Low-Density Parity-Check decoders for today’s emerging wireless and wireline communication technologies.

The Young Professionals program has undergone a major transformation since its re-branding from GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade). Mario says: “Get ready for a bigger and better membership experience!”

Santa Clara Valley GOLD Launches New IEEE YP Brand at the GHTC

GHTC Team and Sponsors

GHTC Team and Sponsors

In March of 2013 the Santa Clara Valley (SCV) chapter of GOLD was asked to help plan a session at the Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC). We recognized this as a great opportunity for SCV GOLD and accepted the challenge. At the same time, our local chapter for Women in Engineering (WIE) was being re-established. In a bid to create a strategic partnership and help the WIE chapter build their membership and exposure, we asked WIE to plan the session with us—naturally they agreed.

The GHTC has historically run a substantial deficit, so we were given the tough challenge of finding funding for the event. We sought funding from a number of industry and IEEE sources; in the end, our sponsors were IEEE WIE, IEEE Region 6 Young Professionals (YP), IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section, and IEEE YP. IEEE YP also asked us to do the honor of announcing their name change from “GOLD” to “YP” and launching their new logo. We were truly honored to be able to do this.

GHTC LogoOur event took place on October 20, 2013 starting at 19:00 at the San Jose Airport Garden Hotel in California. We were fortunate to have 97 attendees from over 25 countries attend this event, creating a truly diverse atmosphere for discussing ways to use technology to improve humanity.
The GHTC is truly aligned with the IEEE’s tagline, “Advancing Technology for Humanity.” There are many sessions offered at this conference and I urge you to consider attending next year. It’s truly inspirational to see how engineers around the world use their skills to better humanity!

Thomson Nguyen speaking on Data Science for Good

Thomson Nguyen speaking on Data Science for Good

Thomson Nguyen, CEO of Framed Data—a company which helps non-profits receive the benefits of data analytics—was our speaker. Framed Data is building a general-purpose data science platform which will provide analysis for multiple non-profits, greatly reducing the cost for each organization. Thomson’s talk was entitled Data Science for Good: Using Engineering and Machine Learning to Affect Societal Change. He gave specific examples of how he had used data science to solve problems in the non-profit world. One example was a model he created to help medical doctors determine whether to hospitalize a patient or not, based on a number of variables. This model was shown to greatly reduce improper hospitalization.

One of the most important things demonstrated in this talk was that we can use our skills to improve the lives of others. It’s important for us to think about the impact our skills can have, and how they can improve the effectiveness of non-profits around the world; however, our skills as engineers are prohibitively expensive for most non-profits to afford. (SCV YP recently ran a separate Volunteer Information Evening where non-profits came to discuss opportunities for engineers to improve their causes. For example, there were requirements for hardware engineers helping build systems to protect endangered wildlife, for software engineers building apps to improve literacy, and opportunities to speak in classrooms to give hope to our future generations. Think about how your engineering skills could improve the efficiency of a non-profit and better people’s lives in your community!)

SCV YP Team and cake with new IEEE YP logo

SCV YP Team and cake with new IEEE YP logo

After the speaker, we had offered an hour-long open bar where participants could relax with a drink and discuss the topics at hand. There were many interesting projects discussed, such as a crowdsourcing platform to employ people in the third world. We also had two delicious cakes sponsored by IEEE YP featuring the new YP logo. The night was a huge success that not only provided global visibility for YP and WIE, but also laid the groundwork for a number of strategic partnerships for our chapter.

GHTC Website: http://www.ieeeghtc.org/
SCV YP Website: http://www.ieee-scv-gold.org/
GHTC Blog: http://ieeeghtc.wordpress.com/
YP/WIE Session Post: http://ieeeghtc.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/ieee-gold-wie-session-ieeeghtc2013/

Article contributed by Tim Worboys, IEEE SCV YP Chair

2013 IEEE GOLD Hall of Fame Award Winners

The IEEE GOLD Hall of Fame Judging Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 GOLD Hall of Fame award, presented yearly to the top three GOLD Affinity Groups worldwide. The recipients of the 2013 GOLD Hall of Fame Award are the following sections:

  • Tunisia (Region 8)
  • Nicaragua (Region 9)
  • Toronto (Region 7)

Please join me in congratulating the winners this year. As always, the field was highly competitive and the judges reviewed many compelling applications. Please also join me in thanking Aisha Yousuf, GOLD Hall of Fame Award Committee Chair, for her selfless service in managing the application cycle and judging process.

The 2013 winners join a select list of distinguished GOLD groups from around the globe. For reference, the prior recipients of this award are listed below.

2012 Awardees:

  • Egypt Section (Region 8)
  • Kerala Section (Region 10)
  • New Zealand North Section (Region 10)

2011 Awardees:

  • Lahore Section (Region 10)
  • Malaysia Section (Region 10)
  • Finland Section (Region 8)

Stuart Bottom, IEEE GOLDRush Editor-in-Chief

Welcome from the 2013 MGA GOLD Chair

fullDear GOLDen members,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to another exciting year ahead in 2013. I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of shaping your GOLD membership experience and am grateful for the generosity of spirit shown by our volunteers and the support of IEEE staff.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I live in one of the world’s most isolated cities in the world – a place called Perth located in Western Australia. I work in the power industry as a power systems planning engineer and have qualifications in electrical engineering and computer science. My IEEE journey started back in 2004 when I first became a student member without any thought or regard as to where I might end up. I decided to volunteer as an IEEE member in 2005 and have never looked back. I enjoy the global community that IEEE provides and the new skills that I learn from being involved with IEEE events.

The IEEE GOLD team is mostly comprised of volunteers from around the world, different walks of life and timezones. We would also invite you to ask us about how you can become involved with helping other people and share in the spirit of giving. For many, it is a life changing and rewarding experience.

I invite you to experience the many benefits of IEEE GOLD other than GOLDRush, including our webinar series program and our mentoring connection. I also encourage you to connect with your local GOLD and IEEE Section community events. In this newsletter, you will see many examples of the events that take place around the world for the benefit of our GOLD members.

Despite the realignment and restructuring that is currently occurring in the global economy, I want to assure you that our team here at Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) is here at your service.

As usual, we would love to hear from you.

All the best for 2013,

Timothy Wong, 2013 MGA GOLD Committee Chairperson